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Így néz ki a has ikerszülés után: nem szégyenli anyutestét a fitnessmodell

Kercsó Dorottya [cikkei] - 2019-03-19
Az új-zélandi Shina Pierce hasán meglátszik, hogy nem olyan régen ikreknek adott életet, ő azonban azt vallja, így is büszkén járhat fitnessversenyekre.
Így néz ki a has ikerszülés után: nem szégyenli anyutestét a fitnessmodell

Kép /csak illusztráció/: Fotorech / Pixabay

A 29 éves modell másfél évvel ezelőtt adott életet ikreinek. Mint a brit Metro magazinnak elmondta, a szülés után komoly depresszióba esett, és nagyon nehezen tudta elfogadni, hogy a teste már soha nem lesz olyan, mint korábban. Elmondása szerint hónapokig még az utcára sem tudott kimenni.


The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come⚡️ . #warning #longessay . In less then 2 weeks I’ll be doing my first own fitness model competition for the fit mums category 😱😁 photo on the left when I decided to join somewhere in June or July and right is last month 💪🏼 . So here’s my deal I’m 29 years old and I have 2 beautiful twin girls (they are cheeky asf like they’re mum) I wasn’t good when I was pregnant I ate badly every single day and stopped exercising because I got scared I would miscarry as I had some abnormal bleeding. I gained 30kgs+ and then I lost 33kgs from some hard fucking work. I also went through postpartum depression and cried every single day for the first two weeks as I was exhausted as I was in hospital for 3 weeks all up from being induced and recovering from a second degree tear, loss of blood needing a iron transfusion and back into surgery room as they later found blood clots + Harper had colic & reflux . I don’t have family in NZ so it’s just Chris and I raising the girls and I’m not well off but could be a lot worse off. I’ve dealt with depression before the postpartum & that was that I was abused when I was a child which I still struggle to talk about (which is my I’m so protective of my girls), I’ve also made a thousand of mistakes but every day I try to be the best human I can be 🤗 . I also work a full time job & study part time to become the best Pokémon master 🤓 haha joke but to come an awesome Personal Trainer 💪🏼💕 . I don’t have time to train for long amount of time, I’m still eating protein pancakes and having berries as my little dessert treats but I’m also trying my best and it’s definitely been a learning journey like everything else in life 🙌🏻 . My mission is to show women how strong we actually are and how strong we can be mentally and physically (I’m not saying I’m look at me I’ve endure all of this, cause I still have my struggles from time to time) part of the reason I’m here is to inspire all you women to believe that you are worth more than you think, you are stronger than you think and to work hard & just to remember to stay positive, less judgey more supportive 💕 . #fitmum #postpartum

Shina (Sheena) Fierce (@shinafiercenz) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Egy év kellett ahhoz, hogy újra lemerészkedjen az edzőterembe. Innentől kezdve rohamosan javult a közérzete, és hamarosan nem csak hogy sikerült elfogadnia magát, hanem arra is készen állt, hogy másoknak is megmutassa a testét. Azóta újra büszkén jár fitnessversenyekre is, és nem szégyelli, hogy a terhesség és a szülés bizony nyomott hagyott a hasán.


2 years Postpartum Twin pregnancy 👶🏻👶🏻 . Swipe to the left for first year of PP ➡️. Right was taken sometime last week . On the 29th of December 2017 I gave birth to 2 of (in my eyes) the two most cutest humans ever 💖 During that time I did let my cravings get carried away but also had quiet huge babies than the norm for twins so my stomach stretched a lot and my stomach also changed a lot as you could imagine, my abs separated 😬 and I’ve got quiet abit of loose skin 😅 . Looking back though I’ve progressed quiet a lot to a point where I’d be happy to rock this tummy and even more so because it reminds of all the hard work I’ve put in 💪🏼🔥 . This was all due: . 🔅Healthy food choices (implementing small changes that I know I could adhere to) and refining what I ate (I hate the word diet as people often think celery, eat nothing, boring when in fact diet is simply what you eat) . 🔅Being a bit more organised ie by meal prepping,planning when I would get my exercise in especially when I was doing full time mum for a year . 🔅Drinking lots of fluids ie water 🔅Moisturising 🔅Consistency 🔅Making it fun & making it work 🔅Blogging like what I do now it’s a great tool to help with accountability . #fearlesslyfemale @lornajanenewzealand

Shina (Sheena) Fierce (@shinafiercenz) által megosztott bejegyzés,


Shina Pierce ma újra büszkén oszt meg magáról fotókat az Instagramon, és azt vallja: ha nem is fest egy anya szülés után ugyanúgy, mint lánykorában, azért a megereszkedett bőr és a kockás has még nem zárja ki egymást.

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